June 23, 2018, Saturday 5AM, Paranas Samar, Philippines

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Banugan came from the root word Banug which means in Waray term in Samar "Eagle".

Banugan Trail Marathon on 23rd of June 2018 is the first trail marathon in Samar and whole region 8 in Philippines. Trail route was designed for everybody, we have 8km distance for the beginners and 42km category for the marathoners with 12 hours cut-off and only 1,000 meters elevation gain/loss.

After the race you can visit and try the famous Extreme Torpido Ride for only P1,800 (good for 5 persons) and relax at the Infinity Pool @ Samar Island Nartural Park for only P150 per person. And visit the famous longest bridge of the Philippines at San Juanico, Tacloban City and Palo Leyte's Mc Arthur Park.


*42km – Professional Category
*21km – Newbie Trail Runners
*8km – Appreciation Run


*Pure Trail Running
*Cold Spring
*River Crossing
*Rice Field Running
*Wild Animals
*Philippine Eagle

Course Description

*100% Technicalities (for 42km only)
*Forest and open trail running
*Pure Mountain-Trail Running (except crossing highways)
*21km+ out & back for 42km category
*10.5km+ out & back for 21km category
*4km+ out & back for 8km category
*River crossing -2x for 21km & 4x for 42km
*Single track, dirt road, carabao and farm trail
*Normal Temperature is hot and humid

Technical Route

Start/Finish @ Paranas Municipal Ground – Farm - Bagsa Covered Court – AS1 Turning Point – Back to finish line

Start/Finish @ Paranas Municipal Ground – Farm – Bagsa Covered Court (AS1x) – Kawayan – Minarog – Crossing Inalad - AS2 Turning Point - Back to finish line

Start/Finish @ Paranas Municipal Ground – Bagsa Covered Court (AS1x) – Kawayan – Minarog – Crossing Inalad (AS2x) – Salay – Sitio Inalad (AS3x) – Tutubigan - Kasandig - Maligaya (AS4x) - Pang-pang Waterfalls - Turning Point - Back to finish line

Aid Station

8km (1) *AS1 around 4km+ @ Bagsa Covered Court

21km (3x) *AS1 around 4km+ (2x) @ Bagsa Covered Court *AS2 around 10km+ @ Crossing Inalad

42km (8x) *AS1 around 4km+ (2x) @ Bagsa Covered Court *AS2 around 10km+ (2×) @ Crossing Inalad *AS3 around 15km+ (2x) @ Sitio Inalad *AS4 around 18km+ (2x) @ Maligaya Crossing

Note: We have crystallized minerals at Maligaya Crossing. Fruits, softdrinks, gatorade, cold water and ice shall be serve in different station. We don't offer any kind of food with plastic or wrappers.

Cut-off Time

*42km (12H TO FINISH) - 5AM GUNSTART 0500 - 1200 - At the Pang-pang Waterfalls, 7H from gunstart 1200 - 1700 - At the finish line, 5H from Pang-pang Waterfalls or 12H from gunstart

*21km (7H TO FINISH) - 6AM GUNSTART 0600 - 1000 - At the AS2, 4H from gunstart 1000 - 1300 - At the finish line, 3H from AS2 or 7H from gunstart

*8km (3H TO FINISH) - 7AM GUNSTART 0700 - 0900 - At the AS1 turning point, 2H from gunstart 0900 - 1000 - At the finish line, 1H from AS1 or 3H from gunstart

Note: Cut-off time is strictly implemented, river is unpredictable. This is for your own safety.


42km Category Only
At least a 21km finisher, trail or road race and not a whiner! Must be 18 years of age, if not, must provide parent consent and must have current Medical Certificate, January 2018 issue

DNF Point

AS1, AS2, AS3, AS4

Note: Habal-habal ride is only P100 going back to the venue and P200 the farthest at AS3 & AS4.

Mandatory gear

42km and 21km Category
*Hydration Pack – at least 1.5 liters
*Whistle – remember the drill
*Wind Breaker – water proof
*Trail Food – with ziplock and last from AS to AS
*Cellphone – with load and fully charge battery
*MedKit – for LBM, stomachache, headache, etc.

8km Category
*Hydration Pack/Water Bottle – at least 500ml
*Whistle – remember the drill
*Trail Food – with ziplock and last from AS to AS
*Cellphone – with load and fully charge battery


Entry Fee

*Local Registration at BPI Bank Account (Php)
For 8km Category – P600
For 21km Category – P1,000
For 42km Category – P1,500

*Foreign International Registration (USD) via Transfer and Paypal
For 8km Category – $15
For 21km Category – $22
For 42km Category – $32


*Event Fees
*Logistics (hauling, food, fluids, etc.)
*Aid Stations food & fluids
*Post Race Meal
*Trail Fees (enhancement, markings, etc.)
*Authentic Ultron Event Tees from Malaysia - all categories
*Authentic Ultron Finisher Shirt - 21km & 42km only
*High Quality Finisher's Medal - all categories
*Authentic Compressport Sports Towel - first 100 runners of 42km only
*Trophies - Top 3 Finishers (male & female), all categories
*Race Certificate - all categories
*Ultra Trail du Mont Blanc (UTMB) Points - 42km Category Only
*International Trail Running Association (ITRA) Performance Points - 42km Category Only
*No cash prize!!!


1. Email your deposit/payment slip to

2. We will send you a confirmation email along with your waiver and reference number that you need for the registration form.

3. Fill out the form completely through the link below and submit.

Registration Form

4. You will then receive an email from V2S for the status of your registration within 24 hours.

Registration Sites

  • PARANAS SAMAR Contact Person: Paul UY Babalcon Contact No: +63-9176796915

  • CATBALOGAN SAMAR Contact Person: Paul Raya L. Abinguna Contact No: +63-9205081692

  • TACLOBAN CITY Location: Bukid Outdoor Shop Address: 206 P. Burgos Street, Downtown, Tacloban Contact No: 053-523-7625

  • ONLINE REGISTRATION via BPI BANK BPI Account Name: Paul Scott Wayne U. Babalcon BPI Savings Account No: 9639-1460-46 Contact No: +63-9176796915

  • INTERNATIONAL REGISTRATION via PAYPAL Email Add: Account Holder: Romualdo B. Calbes Contact No: +63-9255566692
  • Registration Period

    Starts - December 4, 2017
    Ends - April 27, 2018

    For more info you may contact the RACE DIRECTOR, Romualdo B. Calbes, +63-9255566692 or email us at or check out our official facebook page

    For those who would like to participate as volunteers you can send your details at subject "BTM Volunteer".

    How To Get There

    Participants from outside Samar or Leyte, like Davao, Cebu, Manila and outside the country, you can book your flight direct to Tacloban City Airport, Philippines.

    At your arrival, take a metered taxi going to van terminal (Grandtours or Van-van), it will only take 15-20mins away from airport. Then take a Van going to Catbalogan Samar, only P120 fare and 2 hours travel to proper Paranas.

    Do not forget our venue is in the Municipal Ground of Paranas Samar. 24kms away from Catbalogan City and 2 hours travel from Tacloban City.